Antiretroviral Guidelines

US DHHS Guidelines with Australian commentary

HLA-B* 5701 Screening

Last Updated: December 1, 2007; Last Reviewed: January 10, 2011

Panel’s Recommendations for HLA-B* 5701 Screening

  • The Panel recommends screening for HLA-B*5701 before starting patients on an abacavir (ABC)-containing regimen to reduce the risk of hypersensitivity reaction (HSR) (AI).
  • HLA-B*5701-positive patients should not be prescribed ABC (AI).
  • The positive status should be recorded as an ABC allergy in the patient’s medical record (AII).
  • When HLA-B*5701 screening is not readily available, it remains reasonable to initiate ABC with appropriate clinical counseling and monitoring for any signs of HSR (CIII).
Rating of Recommendations:  A = Strong; B = Moderate; C = Optional
Rating of Evidence:  I = Data from randomized controlled trials; II = Data from well-designed nonrandomized trials or observational cohort studies with long-term clinical outcomes; III = Expert opinion