Antiretroviral Guidelines

US DHHS Guidelines with Australian commentary

Panel Roster

ASHM Sub-Committee for Guidance on HIV Management in Australia

The Australian Commentary has been written and reviewed by members of the ASHM Sub-Committee for Guidance on HIV Management in Australia.

The members of the Sub-Committee are listed below:




Rick Varma

Chair appointed by ASHM Board

Senior Staff Specialist (Sexual Health) and Clinical Services Manager, Sydney Sexual Health

Andrew Grulich

ASHM Member

Head, HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program, Kirby Institute

Arron Sparkes

Invited Member (Pharmacy Representative)

Specialist Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Metro North Sexual Health and HIV Service

Brent Clifton

NAPWHA Nominated Representative

Deputy Director, NAPWHA

Craig Burnett

Invited Member

Senior Policy and Research Officer, Living Positive Victoria

Danielle Collins


ASHM Member

HIV Nurse Practitioner Candidate, Victorian HIV Service, Department of Infections Diseases, Alfred Health and Monash University

David Nolan

ASHM Member

Consultant and Winthrop Professor in Clinical Immunology, Royal Perth Hospital and University of Western Australia

Lewis MacKinnon

ASHM Member

HIV s100 Prescriber

General Practitioner, HIV s100 Prescriber, Skye Medical Armadale

Mark O'Reilly

ASHM Member

General Practitioner/Sexual Health Physician, East Sydney Doctors

Rupert Handy

ASHM Member

Clinical Director/ Infectious Diseases Auckland District Health Board, Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand

Megan Chong

ASHM Representative

HIV Program Manager, ASHM

Molly Stannard


Senior HIV Project Officer, ASHM


DHHS Panel on Antiretroviral Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents Panel Roster